My Evening Skin Care Routine

Evening skin care is this important part of personal care for every grown woman. Do you have a night skin care regular? My mom taught me the importance of evening skin care early on, and I think that by starting early I’ve been able to preempt some of the signs of aging.

I’m 32 years of age now and the fine lines are beginning to show up around my eyes, on my forehead and around my mouth. Nearly 5 years of residing in Hawaii has contributed to sun spots and skin discoloration. Two pregnancies resulted in a good number of melasma too, which managed to get look like I needed a mustache! Not so fun but thankfully I’ve found some very nice (and safer) products that have helped reverse all those concerns. Daytime skin care (hello sunscreen!) is important incredibly, nighttime is the perfect time to handle anti-aging but, pores, and skin unevenness and wetness concerns because this is whenever your pores and skin heals itself.

So without further ado, the night here are the products I use in. I don’t use most of them every night, every week but I’ve integrated most of them into my schedule, and they’re each using. You certainly don’t need this many products, but each one serves a different purpose and I’m about addressing a variety of concerns. And if you’d like to read my other blog posts about Beautycounter you can find them here (like why I decided to try Beautycounter, the best … Read the rest