Why Home Ownership Is Still AN EXCELLENT Investment

Everyone is talking about the number one reason for buying a home is practical this year: the very first time homebuyer tax credit! November offers even more incentive to customers But the taxes-credit extension signed into law in early. Now, not only first-time homebuyers benefit, but also any individuals or families looking to buy a primary residence can participate.

3,250 for wedded individuals that document taxes separately. In addition to the extended Federal taxes credit, interest rates remain below 5%, which makes a great time to buy a home if you qualify now. People are able to purchase a more substantial home than they could have before, because of today’s low mortgage rates. This is one of the positive results of the current economy.

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If you want the chance to buy a home you couldn’t have 4 years back then now is the time to buy. This also makes buying local rental and investment properties easier. There are better deals found on both residential and commercial real estate over the nationwide country. Real estate has a proven history of being a good investment.

In the future, real estate investments always provide a reliable ROI. In more difficult economic climates there are some things to watch out … Read the rest