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Surprisingly a lot of folks have no idea about Serge Lutens. I didn’t know of him until about 2 yrs earlier, and it was a backward finding. I first saw images of exquisite makeup done by Kabuki, a legendary makeup designer who emulated Lutens in an aim for the jewelry artist Majo Fruithof. Not realizing that these were re-interpretations of a youthful original I went on a manic google seek out more such work, which led undoubtedly to the genius that is Serge.

At first I assumed that Serge Lutens was a makeup artist, but I discovered that he is so much more soon. He is one of those rare, talented individuals that have creativeness pulsing through his veins obscenely; who bleeds creative imagination into the global world around him. Now, Lutens is recognized as the best perfumer alive mainly, but he began as a mane shooter and stylist. He also created a makeup for Dior, Vogue, and Shiseido and it was at Shiseido that he started conjuring fragrances. Lutens’s visual style is very particular and immediately identifiable. He styled all his own perfume promotions and created his personal look through the use of the makeup himself to his self-selected model muses.

His look is often very pale, with strong Asian creases, careful finishing and an amazing borders reflecting his appreciation for heady, other-worldly scents. Shiseido is the owner of the Lutens brand and contains given him free reign over his fragrances to the extent that he launched the Shiseido Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris in 1992, dedicated exclusively to his perfumes. There he painstakingly crafts new scent mixtures year-on-year and possesses more than 60 fragrances to his name now. Inevitably Lutens’ unmistakable style has infiltrated and inspired the world of fashion and art. His visible work has been imitated and emulated over and over, and arguably none has utilized this inspiration better than the makeup artist Kabuki.

The images here are of original Lutens designs and of the Kabuki re-interpretations intended to promote the jewelry of Majo Fruithof. But the poses and ideas are equivalent almost, Kabuki has managed to make the look more refined and modern day even. It takes a genuine artist to imitate such beauty without so that it is looking like a simple rip-off. Along with Serge Lutens, Kabuki provides me with many ideas on a daily basis and I usually go back to his work when I have to kick-start my resourcefulness. I would suggest investigating Kabuki’s website – the collection of his work is intimidating and marvelous! I would also recommend viewing this wonderful series of videos for Shiseido makeup styled by Serge Lutens. They truly are truly one-of-a-kind and lovely beyond words. In addition they make one appreciate precisely what perfection can be achieved without HD, Photoshop and airbrushing!

Going a step further, concepts that govern the universe will be the same ideas found within each folks; therefore, it’s no surprise we should find them collectively in human being consciousness. Much just like a fractal, we are a part, a content of any much larger overall without parting once looked at from an increased outlook.

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  • Increase the intake of products that are high in vitamin A and vitamin E
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Although our anatomies contain the blocks of the world and vise versa, another ingredient not fully realized today by mainstream knowledge is one where empowers and mobilizes all- consciousness. The separation or duality of awareness known as good/wicked, light/dark emerged when our solar system embarked on a departure away from the galactic core about 12,800 years ago.

Some refer to that time as being the “Fall from Grace”. We are actually witnessing a reuniting of the divine masculine and divine female energetic forms blending alongside one another in ourselves intelligently creating an ordered development for an evolutionary leap to higher consciousness. This process is one of re-balancing that which is out of balance signified through a sense of parting and department.

It should be very clear Earth’s Precession of the Equinox and it’s really geometrically reorientation with the Galactic Center’s cosmic energy is a catalyst for great, swift geophysical changes. And on the human level, the right time dominated by spiritual consciousness committed with cosmic consciousness, than life by only a latent biologic alternatively, mental life.