Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog! 1

It is a snowy day on the east coast and a perfect opportunity for my to bring in myself and my new blog. I am Denise, an over-40 YouTuber and Beauty Influencer (that are clearly a proper name, right?!). I really like beauty so much so which I became qualified as a makeup designer and do freelance work once in a while. My main concentrate is on anti-aging skincare and I am discovering that I am becoming more vocal about making sure that makeup is all inclusive. Most of us deserve to enjoy what the beauty industry has to offer.

I also desire to be a fresh face for the over 40 beauty YouTuber, I don’t believe we are identified enough but we’re here, we are important and damn it we LOVE makeup! On my YouTube channel, I try plenty of new and intriguing makeup, I sort of buy it, and try it so you need not! I really do Shop My Stash videos and sometimes also, I’m able to provide a sneak peek of soon to be released products. I thought as a get to know me, I would include one of my YouTube video for you to check out. Also, just around the corner are some reviews on the new Wet N Wild Rebel Rose Collection, The e.l.f Opposites Attract palette and other items I am trying out.

A great way of utilizing the product that may work miracles for the skin. Chop up the whole lemon, removing seed products. Add to the blender and mix it until it is a pulp. Chop up the mint leaves finely and add these to a bowl with the sugar and almond essential oil.

Add in the lemon pulp and blend well together. Apply to tired, sore it through the use of two slightly damp epidermis in small therapeutic massage movements all over the foot area to the very best of the ankle joint. Pay particular attention to any dry, flaky patches, hard skin, eczema, or fungal attacks. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off with hot water or soaking them in a foot soak bowl ensuring to eliminate all the scrub.

  • Health and beauty websites
  • 2 drops of Frankincense gas or Rose Attar
  • Moisturizing dry irritated scalp
  • Shades do run light
  • Waterline set with darkest tone from MUA Undressed Palette, using Sigma E17 Waterline Brush (CV)

Finish with a foot cream or massage oil to keep the tootsies in suggestion top condition throughout the year! When you have any still left, store it in an airtight glass box in the refrigerator. This will last a couple weeks (mine did), providing you do not allow any water involved with it as this will lead to bacteria forming. Make certain if cleaning mint, leaves are completely dried out before bruising so when using scrub use a spoon or spatula to remove scrub and not fingers.

For an extra kick add a few slices of cucumber to the mint and mash them in jointly. Cucumber is hydrating, soothing, and takes care of any puffiness and dark circles. Clean and pat the leaves dry with kitchen paper carefully. Allow them to dry on the paper towel if required.