Because It’s Ultimately All About Human Relationships, Isn’t It?

Because It's Ultimately All About Human Relationships, Isn't It? 1

I think I had been as charming as legions of European readers were after I read The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery, for my book group. It has been some time since I’ve read anything French (the last thing being Platform by Michel Houellebecq–quite different!) or anything translated, and I came across the writer’s tone of voice fresh and vibrant–so I’m supposing this is a very good translation.

I had heard very mixed reasons for having this book before I began it. One person explained it was the best reserve she had read all calendar year, and another told me that it was put by her down after thirty web pages since it was “pretentious”. I’m glad I kept reading beyond the first thirty pages, because though I had been just a little slow engaging in it, I loved this book ultimately. Renee Michel is a superb character, a person hiding behind the facade of what folks expect her to be. At first I got annoyed by her posturing and concealing.

It seemed that she was enthusiastic about the course difference between herself and those she offered as concierge, today than I dreamed and I began to wonder if the course was a bigger issue in France. But without giving any spoilers, I’ll say that later in the story the reason for Renee’s seeming obsession with class became clearer and much more understandable. So that as I continue to read, I started to enjoy Renee’s character more.

And she has a lovely Cinderella moment, when she is seen finally, understood finally, by the two kindred spirits who live in the apartment building where she lives, Paloma and the mysterious and elegant new tenant, Kakuro Ozu. I completely bought the character of Paloma, too. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t believe her–I was thinking how hard it must be as a writer to make the voice of the unbelievably smart pre-teen audio believable. But Barbery pulls it off, so that as I read I ceased considering whether it was working and got completely engrossed in the publication. So that, as the written book became more about the relationships between these three characters, I liked it even more.

The message of the publication reminded me of E.M. Because it’s ultimately all about human being romantic relationships, isn’t it? By the end, The Elegance of the Hedgehog was both a reserve of ideas and a book I could relate with on a psychological level. I am aware that the author is a professor of philosophy. This shows in the beauty with which she talks about ideas. But she is also a writer who gives us a pleasant story peopled with interesting personas and manages to tug at our heartstrings, too.

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