5 Ways We’re Growing Our Small Business

Our business’ objective is to help other small business owners improve their earnings and increase their important thing. To take action, we offer small business computer talking to services including developing web sites, implementing computer software and systems installations, and general computer support. We could tell when the overall economy started to improve by the increased amount of unsolicited phone calls we received to take on new clients.

But before the economic up turn we determined ways to continue to keep our small business growing and profitable. Make a few Cold Calls – My husband absolutely adores achieving new people and learning about their businesses. He’s personable, interested and credible truly, and all of that comes across obviously when you meet him.

For him, among the best ways to generate new leads, is to invest a part of his day trip in the community reaching small business owners. Show desire for Your Clients’ Business – we go way beyond the scope of our computer consulting business to be able to help our clients succeed.

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  • Set your availability for the changing times of day when you’d prefer to chat
  • Insurance Requirements

Besides the apparent extensions of web development like search engine optimization and marketing, we’ve made suggestions about offering wireless services with their customers, structuring their office and waiting rooms, and marketing promotions that may help them increase sales. While we don’t ask for compensation for the majority of those items, they understand that our inspiration is to make sure they are more profitable and that the task we do charge for will fulfill that same goal. Word of Mouth/Referral – building credibility with your clients can generate many new prospects for your business.

Our clients recommend us to their friends, family and business associates. Why is this ideal is our prospective customers already are convinced that people can help their business before we have even a short meeting. Do the upfront work to create Interest (Loss Leader) – sometimes it’s essential to spend a while or money to generate income.

We have eliminated online to look for and evaluate existing websites of local businesses. If we find a business that doesn’t have a website or one which we consider sub-par, we take time to build a demo for them. This gives them to be able to see what a little investment can do to them. We’ve also absorbed online marketing costs for a month so that they can see the actual results of advertising can do for their business. Sure, periodically we won’t make that sale, but if done right, the materials can be used again for other businesses in the same line of work.

Lining Up Additional Help – if you don’t have a consistent amount of inbound work, hiring a full-time employee might not be viable. We’ve positioned ourselves for growth by looking into other creative options for supplemental staff. For technology work there are a large number of skilled resources available through freelance websites. Within the last two years we’ve developed relationships with some contractors that people work well with, can turn around our excess work quickly, and provide a high quality product we can feel great about.