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Like many women, I began almost every day by applying makeup. Not every day, but, yes, on most days I wear makeup. So, why do I – and countless other women – begin our days with foundation, blush, and mascara? Well, I could supply you the “I wear it for myself” range you’ve heard a thousand times before, but, if I’m being completely honest, that might be a lie. Yes, in some way I am doing it for myself – but only because looking a certain way makes me feel good. That’s the part of the “I use it for myself” argument that individuals always neglect to tack on.

Now, maybe there are women who wear full faces of foundation to sit down only in their rooms just, but I’m not one of these, and most of the women I meet aren’t either. Makeup can be considered a form of self-expression and personality. What’s especially interesting about makeup is that it is one of the only forms of expressions primarily for girls.

  • Mad Hatter
  • EVITA Beauty Whip Soap (¥1200)
  • 5- In some cases pimples and/or blemishes
  • Crush a banana and rub your skin with the pulp
  • Avoid scratching in the influenced area to heal armpit rash
  • 1/2 glass of honey
  • Concealer Brush (for concealer)
  • 1/4 glass petroleum jelly

Even fashion is becoming a far more prominent method for men to express themselves, but, generally, makeup has continued to be just for women. There are women who alter their appearances with makeup and beauty procedures for the attention and approval of their male counterparts. I don’t say this as a condemnation, especially since it wasn’t too much time ago that I possibly could relate.

I spent the majority of high school caking orange bronzer on my face and sitting down with Crest White Strips on my tooth. In my mind, being tan and having shiny, pearly white teeth were top priorities. Only later, as I became more comfortable with myself, do I recognize that my goals for attempting to look a certain way were petty, rooted in vanity and narcissism.

What I – and the majority of the women I understand who are passionate about makeup products -like about makeup isn’t that the right gloss can make your lips pouting or that false lashes can make your eye more doe-like. Rather, it’s how women can communicate messages and communicate ourselves through makeup.