BMI, Though National Standard, One Piece Of The Weight-loss Puzzle Just

BMI, the body mass index, is universally accepted by doctors as a reasonable indicator for body-fat percentage-although it generally does not measure actual body fat. Doctors and coaches say a person’s BMI is an incomplete measure of their overall health and fitness, but for many individuals who rank higher on the range, the quantity can be reduced with exercise and diet.

The obesity research published recently by the Trust for America’s Health insurance and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation used BMI to project a drastic upsurge in health-care costs if weight problems rates in the U.S. A genuine quantity of factors make the BMI formula an inexact indicator of how over weight someone is. Women generally have more fat than men; body-fat percentage might increase with age; and very fit athletes may have an increased BMI due to increased muscle development. The standard BMI chart is not used for children under 4 feet, 1 inch, and it generally does not element in other health risks such as high blood pressure, high glucose, smoking and family history. The medical community still sees the indicator’s value.

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Dr. Antoinette DeIngeniis-DePasquale, who snacks over weight patients at the Medi Weight Loss Clinic in Wayne, N.J. DeIngeniis-DePasquale does take note, though, that BMI is part of the picture. Although it is routinely used at her clinic, she says, it is part of an overall evaluation, predicated on many other factors. One reason behind that is that BMI isn’t accurate in all cases. As accredited fitness trainer Gary Schulman of Oradell, N.J., is quick to say, “I’m 5 feet, 5 ins and weigh 160. And I’m not overweight.” Even if his BMI says that he could be. Schulman adds that even though he is all for lean bodies, he is concerned about the lose-weight-at-all-costs mentality some desperate dieters have always. Does he see BMI as at least helpful in this?

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