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Having simple interest for loans is super easy as the interest payments are standard. However, when it comes to investments one can earn much more from substance interest. The basic difference between simple and chemical substance interest is that the interest is not added to the principal in simple interest. To earn interest on must reinvest the interest earned immediately. However, in compounding this happens automatically with no extra effort needed. The simple interest amount remains same through the tenure of the investment or loan. It is easy to calculate than compound interest.

The return from compounding is greater than that of simple interest. The interest earned grows rapidly in compound interest and in simple interest it remains constant. The principal amount in simple interest remains constant, while in compound interest on the principal amount keeps increasing as the interest from previous periods are put into it. Also, having financing in simple interest ensures standard interest payments.

But in compounding the eye payment comes down as the main has been repaid. If not repaid promptly the eye burden helps to keep increasing. Let’s take a look at an example of an investment of Rs 1,00,000 spent for 5 years getting an interest of 12% both in simple and chemical substance interest.

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It can be obviously seen that at maturity the total amount from compounding is higher than that from simple interest. The investment value raises at a faster speed in compounding. With the same initial investment at the same interest rate for a same tenure the gain from compounding is higher than from simple interest. Having a complex calculation Even, compounding is beneficial than simple interest. Compounding is more of a genuine time idea than simple interest.

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