Detail Information Of Entry/ Re-entry And Stay Extension

Foreigners permitted to get into Myanmar with the following visa. To go temporarily and to re-enter Myanmar abroad, Re-entry Visa (R.V) has been released to foreigners who’ve eligible for stay permanently, and their dependents, stick with limitations. Foreigner who certified permanent citizen may apply stay expansion for three times for 6 months at Myanmar Embassy in overseas.

6 a few months stay permit. Remarks: When applicant applies expansion of stay permit, it concurrently is also applied. 3. Detail information on extension of stay – Foreigners who enter Myanmar with various visas and want to apply for the extension of stay permit except tourist visa use it through ministries worried.

With the authorization letter of Ministry of Immigration and Population to the Immigration and National Registration Department is undertaking expansion to stay accordingly. Recommendation letter from company and Ministry concerned. Application form with the letter-head of the company/ the meditation center concerned. Approval letter from Regional / State after applying it from the township office concerned.

In accordance with existing rules and regulations foreigners with Business Visa want to use it with the suggestion of Ministries or the main one Government recognize company. Our Ministry grants or loans permission expansion with this suggestion. A: We don’t give stay extension for Tourist Visa. 9. Other facts you have to know. Everyone with common passport form Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia ,Brunei and Philippines are allowed to stay 14 days with the visa Exemption. They aren’t allowed to stay as well.

Approval notice from the Ministry of Immigration and Population. Remarks: The candidate must pay (18) US buck if apply if over (90) days. 2. The foreigner who lived in Myanmar to get more than 90 days want to leave to international country must to apply Foreigner’s Registration Certificate (FRC) with the above mentioned article A to D and air solution.

3. Relative to the article 6(5) (a) of the Foreigner’s Registration Rule, the names of the young children below 18 years shall be came into in the Foreigner’s Sign up Certificate of their parents. Children who do not have parents shall be contained in the certificates of their guardians. Furthermore, the children who are under 18 years and above 12 years shall be issued “Form AA”. They need to apply separate Certificate within 30 days from the date they reach 18 years old.

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Approval letter of the Ministry of Immigration and Population if they want to apply for stay extension. December with the initial Foreigner Registration at the Portion of Foreigner’s Registration(Initial). 6. If foreigners who are in foreign countries in December during Renewal period shall have the confirmation of the Foreigner’s Registration Certificate (FRC) within (30) days. 1. (Q) Why do you make an application for FRC? Every foreigner that has remained in Myanmar more than 90 days is issued Foreigner’s Registration Certificate according to the Foreigner’s laws.

2. (Q) Even though I resided more than (90) days developing a FRC, I’ll leave for few days. So may i surrender FRC? No, if you get FRC, you need hold it on. 3. (Q) How can I recollect after getting into Myanmar and depart in the same day (or) if I get into Myanmar on Friday and leave on Sunday?

A consultant of the foreigner shall come and make dedication to the officer of the Immigration Department at the Airport and promised appropriately and come and collect at the original section such situations are allowed to submit at the airport. 1. (Q) Can children under (7) would like to pay a visit, make an application for the appearance visa? He could come with the parents but the invitation letter because of their parents including children name are also talked about. Children shall be issued free for charge. 2. (Q) Will there be prescribed form for the invitation letter?