If I Am Not Beautiful How I COULD Feel I Am Beautiful

Being beautiful or not beautiful is an extremely subjective issue. Think of that concept exactly like garage sales, somebody junks are someone else treasures. Being beautiful or not is alsoput through culture, the natural environment and the public popularity where you were blessed. AS I was growing up in Vietnam, I had been informed more than by my grandmother that I was ugly once.

The reason behind her statement was because I searched more like a guy with a very short hair, dark dermis, and I was very rebellious for a normal young Vietnamese woman. Also in Vietnam, the harder you appear to be the westerners the harder beautiful you are. It was an interpersonal condition. When I first emerged to america more than 30 years ago I was observed everywhere by American young boys. They explained I seemed so exotic and because I was so natural it added more points to my attraction.

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The dark dermis once shunned by my grandmother is a ‘must’ have olive pores and skin of the West. So suddenly, I was called a lovely woman. The concept was not easily accept and realize by me for greater than a ten years but eventually it does sink in. But even the very thought of not being beautiful, it did not close any doors that said to be open for me personally at all because inside I know that I am a very special individual. To feel that you are beautiful, you will need to redefine your definitions of beauty.

Ask yourself if you have the level of beauty that you imagine, what difference if any that brings to your life? Beauty will come in so many sizes and shapes. A rose is beautiful to someone and a lily is beautiful to another person. The secret is to find the ones that appreciate you and hang out with them more often. Don’t reach to participate in groups of people that look down upon you or causing you to feel ugly so that they can feel beautiful.

An ugly lover can be beautiful if she “thinks” she actually is beautiful and likewise a beautiful partner can be awful if she doesn’t realize it. So that it helps if you make a decision to be beautiful also. Telling yourself that you’re beautiful, will not do much if you seriously assume that you’re ugly.

You must figure out how to redefine your meanings of beautiful like I said above. IN THE US there are so many beauty products that can enhance your elegance with very little money out of your pocket. See the cosmetic counters and have them offer beauty lessons. Make sure you get a number of products they used on your face.

Do not be timid. They truly are to last there. You don’t need to buy anything and in fact, figure out how to say no to their suggestions. Ask more than one cosmeticians to instruct you. Pick the most flattering one and then invest money to buy the same things they use for that person once you’ve tested out several.

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