In Weigh Over My Head

I’m uncertain if I am going to blog about it. I need to examine my reason behind blogging in the first place. I’m uncertain, I wish to open up myself up to the terrible people out there, but I really like the beautiful people I find. I should also number out easily am doing it just for validation or attention.

Anyway, I’ll not be getting my revision for some time because I have decided to go on Medifast. IVF. Yep. After 7 many years of not trying anything, we are going straight for the big guns. This is a one-time shot. We can only afford to try it once (can’t really afford that either) and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I won’t do it unless I lose 60 pounds.

I need to ensure I am at a healthy place to make that kind of psychological and financial investment. Who understands if it’ll work, but I will know I tried. Why am I accomplishing this? Because I want to know what it’s prefer to be on.

A turning point for me personally was a church activity where the only thing discussed at the desk for an entire hour. 5 had been on. The night I was not able to say but 3 words the entire. I tried to leave the table many times to find out if when I returned they would move past that subject, but no. It had been so unpleasant. Everyone there knew I had been infertile but they continued to talk about the ONE thing in life I possibly could not connect too then one they knew was so painful for me personally.

I know it wasn’t done in a mean way that is NOT their issue, it’s mine. Anyway, we are NOT thinking about having bio children. It’s hard to explain unless you have adopted, but you honestly love your children just as much or even more because you understand the true wonder of what it had taken for them to come to your family.

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I would NEVER trade my kids not for 15,000 pg-cs. I simply desire to be on. We might use a donor egg, donor sperm, whatever. The Dr. said I was healthy to check it out now enough, but Personally I think deep in my heart I must lose this weight first so that is where the Medifast will come in. I have attempted the food.

I wouldn’t normally do for six months if it designed I had a much better change of getting/keeping pg. It has been 10 years of peeing on a stick every month, waiting for a second line to seem. Sometimes seeing it, sometimes not. Dr. appt.s and bloodstream tests that confirm a pg-c and then follow up appts.

I’m not. Holding a pee test up to the light to triple check that there really is not a series. It’s really too much. If I try this and it doesn’t work, I am cool because I am going to know once I am 80 which is attempted. I am REALLY Ok if it generally does not work.