K-Way VOB Trail Runners

Lots of information here as normal. Scroll through, select the thing you need, and delete then. Now I relax and wait for my editors to draw my mistakes to my attention. Again Once, some running equipment, including Under Armor clothing and Asics shoes etc have been donated to Sidewalk Specials (charity) in order to sell them and the entire proceeds go directly to the charity. I have attached the purchase price list.

I have pictures of the things but they amount to 3MB. Big to distribute Too. If anyone is thinking about supporting this phenomenal cause, please let me know and I am going to send you the pictures. “Once more I’ve gear and shoes for sale, if you wouldn’t mind passing on.

Please email Tracey for a summary of kit and pricelist with sizes and colors available and shout if you’re interested in anything. Venue: Newlands Forest car park. It’s HEADLAMP time. These are now compulsory. REMEMBER: DON’T LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR AND LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE OUT OF SIGHT WITHIN YOUR BOOT.

No standard run (Worker’s Day) but there are a few noises on the WhatsApp group about an unofficial run in Silvermine East. Join us using one of our stunning running venues in the Northern Suburbs! Meerendal Wine Farm, with views, beauty and enough hillsides for the long! We run for an hour – so please attempt the route that you’d be in a position to complete within the allotted time. This week No run. Refreshments shall be offered to praise you for your time and efforts. Bring a mate, share the love. A pleasant disposition is all that is required. This is a standing up set up normally.

08h30 begin from The Vine in Hout Bay to Rocket Road (between Hout Bay and Sandy Bay) and back again. Road, beach, and trail. Best to talk with The Vine beforehand if the run is on. Route: Lion’s Head / Signal Hill loop. Please, bring a headlamp – COMPULSORY. Fast, Fast-Medium, Medium-slow, and Medium pace possibilities, each with a skilled group leader to appeal to different speeds, so provided you can run a set 10kms in under 65 minutes, you will see a combined group for you. NB: PLEASE ALL DO YOUR VERY BEST TO STAY IN YOUR GROUPS – MOST PARTICULARLY USUALLY DO NOT RUN AHEAD OF YOUR GROUP LEADER.

If you are not used to the works and unsure of the pace of the many groups, rather run with a slower group initially then. If you are not used to the runs and unsure of the pace of the many groups, then rather run with a slower group initially. Join Chicks Who Trail, a girls-only path running group (sorry guys) for our Thursday night group run at 17:30. We split into four groupings generally, Fast, Medium, Social, Beginners.

We run for an hour. You’re welcome to bring path canines – but ONLY if they are SOCIAL. Please, bring a tip for Charles our vanguard. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to discover more info about Thursday group runs. Start Time and Meeting Point: Kloof Corner Parking lot (the parking above MyCiti bustop/toilets on the left once you’ve turned into Tafelberg Road).

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Running time: Approx one hour. Pace: Four groupings: fast, medium, interpersonal, Beginner’s Academy. Route: Kloof Corner, Jeep tracks. Trail operating is inherently more dangerous than street operating. It may take place over uneven hazard-strewn trails in exposed and frequently remote terrain where help is not always readily available. Participation is voluntary and completely at your own risk, as even though the organizers take realistic precautions to ensure runner protection, it can’t be guaranteed. To the end neither Chicks Who Trail nor the organizers individually can be kept liable for any claims associated with inter-alia, accidental injuries, disabilities, and death.

Further any minor child participating in any trail-working activity will be considered to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian. We will join Table Mountain Trailers (see details below) and just then add extra distance towards the finish of the run. Saturday we are going to do a 7am start at Newlands car park (where in fact the helicopters are), and head up various single paths to the picnic site at the bottom of Newlands Ravine. We head in the thigh-busting ravine then go to the big rock on the saddle down, and along that lovely way to Oppelskop where we continue straight on along the scenic upper contour.