My Diet And Weght Loss

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What can we learn from these prisoner of war experiences? I believe it illustrates the billed power of our brain to transcend our current circumstances. We don’t need to be a prisoner of war to learn this. We sometimes imprison ourselves with this own worries, our own limiting thoughts. Thoughts like: – I can never be rich! I’ll never get out of this dump! I blame my mother for my weight problem! I would say to the above mentioned, up and get a life” “toughen.

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Weak thinking begets poor results. Have a pity party for yourself for a moment and overcome it then. This type of repetitive sorry thinking would create a loss of hope in a POW and lessen their likelihood of survival. Also we can create our very own internal mind ritual that people can change into an everyday mental discipline. Go inside your own brain and create your desired final results. Live the dream within your own mind. Change it out with the addition of something new daily. Make it fun. Make it or as long as you like short.

5-10 minutes each day. I believe these inspiring prisoner of war stories shows us that an enduring faith clearly an unyielding will to achieve success combined with an everyday mental discipline gives us the energy to overcome incredible chances. Hirini Reedy is a mental toughness expert who helps people find inner strength. A former military officer, martial arts founder and NLP mind coach, he has designed short sharpened mind-body fitness workout routines for the high achiever.

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