No Wonder Beauty Pioneer Claire Vero HAS Got A Live-in Nanny!

Aurelia skincare founder Claire Vero vividly remembers spending three nights on her own in 2013 in a freezing warehouse, re-gluing the packaging of her new probiotic skincare range. After a few months of creating luxury packaging, products were positioned into their containers,’ the 38-year-old mom of two recalls. I shipped a run of just one 1,000 out and started getting communications from customers that they had popped open in transit. The frosty glue wasn’t strong enough.

I needed to unpack 1,000 boxes and replace them with a hot-glued version. It had been a nightmare. Nonetheless it was worth it. Six weeks into launching the brand, the leader of Net-a-Porter Alison Loehnis called Claire to discuss including Aurelia as you of only 15 brands on the soon-to-be-launched beauty category.

It was our substantial break,’ says Claire. We sold within 72 hours and were being shipped into the U away.S., which is a difficult market to split notoriously. Share Back home, Liberty introduced Aurelia into its Beauty Hall, while Space NK rolled it out in 62 stores. Today, celebrity enthusiasts of the natural skincare brand – which combines probiotic research with botanicals and natural essential oils – include supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, and the number has earned 125 beauty honours. Regardless of the glue hiccup, Aurelia’s feminine rose and gold product packaging (the name comes from the Latin word aurus, meaning platinum) and groundbreaking use of probiotics arranged the brand aside.

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  • Niacinamide (vitamin B-3)
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Claire has a history in dermatology and spent nine years working in marketing at global pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline. I used to be in the team that launched the first cervical cancer tumor vaccine in the united kingdom. It had been our massive break,’ says Claire. Later she became marketing director in GlaxoSmithKline’s global dermatology centre for quality.

I’ve always treasured skincare and the dermatology behind healthy pores and skin,’ she says. Sensing a gap on the market, she got a gamble and set up an extravagance skincare company using all her savings. She used her 30th birthday as the impetus she had a need to quit GlaxoSmithKline and moved into part-time consultancy, ploughing her salary into research.

One company she worked with was dealing with chronic psoriasis by focusing on specific parts of the immune system. These were using probiotics and on the skin to help with irritation orally. I thought, that’s interesting because one of the main causes of skin ageing is inflammation. We’re used to taking probiotics in food to aid digestive function, but Claire pioneered its use in skincare. Aurelia runs on the non-live biotic by means of a glycoprotein (a molecule that helps cell-to-cell communication), coupled with a dairy peptide to protect and restore epidermis while boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Claire wrote a business plan in the tiny hours of the morning hours, then recruited a freelance formulations team to work on the textures of the products. I’d show them creams I liked and gave them a summary of ingredients that weren’t to maintain it,’ she says. She flew around the world tracking down botanicals that other brands don’t use, such as baobab and Kigelia africana from Malawi. At the start it was Claire and several part-time girls employed in her kitchen.

Launching an extravagance brand in a competitive market was always heading to be difficult, she laughs, but five a few months into Aurelia, she became pregnant with her eldest son Henry. My husband Alex and it was thought by me would take us a bit longer,’ she deadpans. She worked well from home with severe morning sickness.

I was sick six times in the taxi before one meeting with Urban Retreat. But Henry’s birth didn’t keep Claire back. During her short maternity leave, the brand hit its first million pounds in turnover. And having her second kid Atticus two years ago motivated the launch of Little Aurelia for babies and children – to aid sleep. I launched the brand in Little Liberty about five days before I gave birth,’ she marvels, and jokes that ladies are the best multi-taskers in the world.

At once as Claire launched Aurelia, Alex create a tech company, Movidiam, which links filmmakers with crew. Two start-ups in a family is difficult, she laughs, which explains why she now has a live-in nanny at their Surrey home. It certainly is been me who has collected the kids when these were ill, or taken days off,’ she ruefully says. After Atticus was created, Week Claire made a decision to work only three days a. She thinks in spending money on childcare to grow the business enterprise if it wipes out preliminary revenue even.