Quick Weight Loss Program

Who has time for exercise? If you wish to get rid of fat (cardio i.e.; operating, swimming, biking, tennis) exercise three days weekly for at least 20 mins. If you are weight training (building muscles i.e.; weight lifting, using your body weight, yoga) do that at least double a week for 20-30 minutes (which is enough) or up to one hour.

Saturdays are optional for whatever you should do. The concept is that if you are raising heavy weights then you don’t have to weight training (T, Th) as much. If done properly, you’ll feel it the very next day (you can also skip the sit-ups in some instances). Aside from cardio, running and Yoga also build muscle (and strength training assists you to get rid of fat).

In some Yoga poses you are supporting 80% of your weight. So yes doing Yoga melts away unwanted fat and builds muscle. So now guess what happens days you are going to work out how will you do the exercises? Once you have decided on a fitness how long should you take action for? A set is made up of the number of repetitions (repetitions) you’ll lift a weight or how much time will move while holding a position as in Yoga or Cross Fit. When holding positions or yoga poses 30 seconds to a minute is good. Challenge yourself and push for a couple of seconds more or even another 20 to 30 seconds.

The best time to stretch out is after you have already exercised. Hold each stretch out for at least 30 seconds. Don’t overdo your stretch or bounce, just hold the stretch, and allow your system to fall into it. On a daily basis that you stretch push a little farther and you will notice increased flexibility earlier than you think. You need to hold each stretch out for a minimum of 30 seconds to make improvement. One stretch out in each area is sufficient, it’s the practice of stretching out every day that counts!

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