So You Want To Be A Fitness Trainer

It only required me 21 years! In 1997 the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton kept the first classes of its season . 5 Personal Fitness Training certificate program. It had been sensed in the past that there was a void of proper accreditation and training for Fitness Trainers. Some Fitness Trainers had Physical Education or Kinesiology degrees. From weekend classes Many experienced certificates. Many Fitness Trainers had no accreditation whatsoever.

At the time, I happened to be in a period of career transition and the NAIT program was a brand new start. Year and a half of courses with the reward of a college certificate It was an intense, and nationwide and provincial accreditation. Some misunderstandings ensued with the general public and potential clients.

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How were they to distinguish between a certificate earned in a season and a half of intense study or a certificate earned for a weekend course? NAIT smartly made a decision to add another semester and convert the Personal Fitness Trainer program into a university diploma program. The program is now also available online as internet studies.

I always wanted to revise but never found the time. Finally almost 24 months ago your choice was made by me to do it now. After 20 months of online work involving video presentations, reports, case studies, and exams, my diploma finally arrived in the mail. I put to submit most of my assignments through the university internet system known as Moodle.

A task that could have a child of the Millennium 2 keystrokes to complete often got me hours or times numerous failed submission attempts combined with the accompanying fits of blasphemous trend. Fortunately, the instructors known the tribulations and studies of the pre-tech generation and were quite fair and benevolent.

I ran a 40 meter sprint for the Sports Performance course. Since I had a total hip substitute in 2006, I had been quite happy with my working time of around 6 seconds. The next day when I got out of bed my hamstrings locked and I almost fell flat on my face. The apparent culprit was a pair of underactive Gluteus Maximus muscles.

A video of my sprint was to be posted. Because of specialized issues the camera was on picture setting still. That meant that I had to redo the sprint. On the sprint rerun 3 times later I strained my quadriceps muscle. Within my age, there is only 1 full out sprint per year left in the body.

Dating sites to meet Russian women popping up on my my screen as I used to be about to post a shared exercise group dialogue admittedly triggered me some anxious occasions of stress. I have no idea how my laptop was subjected to such a questionable link! My laptop froze during one of the web exams.