TonyMoly Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ – Makeup USING A Heart

This is an extremely cool product. The product packaging is new to me fairly. It comes in a spray bottle similar to a spray-paint bottle. Now, that kind of intrigued me because I hate using my hands to use my platform makeup. Shake the bottle first. After you press the button on the comparative aspect, it dispenses product onto the beige puff.

Then you merely dab that person with the puff fitted onto the dispenser. There’s 8 functions it’s supposed to fulfill: Moisture Mist, UV Protection, Foundation, Cooling, Primer, Whitening, Wrinkle Care, and Moisture Glow. It brightened my skin, which is a good look for the wintertime. It had been very light and I didn’t feel like anything on my pores and skin. This Cooling Cushion really does have a cooling discomfort once applied, which would’ve been nice for the summer months.

It also comes with an extra puff once the other one gets too gunky and gross. It certainly clings to my dried-up areas. My skin is actually dry throughout the forehead and nose during the colder months, which did nothing to help hydrate those areas. I’m somewhat more normal on my chin and cheeks and the Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion didn’t look bad there. In a few hours though, my skin area acquired really greasy on my chin and cheeks but my forehead and nasal area looked ok. Coverage was pretty sheer, barely correcting my redness and didn’t cover anything else I had fashioned, like dark circles or hyperpigmentation acne scars.

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The color was off for me personally. I acquired it in number 02-Cooling Beige but it was still too light for me. I used bronze surrounding the perimeters understanding that helped it look a bit more natural on me. This is certainly a warmer summer months product for me personally but I’d be darker then so I’m uncertain how well that would work. The smell that originates from the merchandise is reminiscent of the car spray paint cans so that’s a little worrying. As to the claims it makes, I’m uncertain what moisture content mist is meant to mean but it isn’t moisturizing on my dried-up dermis areas.

UVA rays, so UV security will there be. Foundation is a tale because coverage isn’t there whatsoever. I attempted layering it but I couldn’t build-up much coverage. It does have an air-conditioning perception when applying. I haven’t experimented with it as a primer, since it looked so bad on my skin but I’ll try exfoliating and moisturizing better the next time to see if I can level other base makeup on top. I can’t say easily observed any whitening or wrinkle good care. It will come in only 2 tones, which is disappointing for people that have medium or darker skin tones, but that’s even more than other brands.

I’d cross over the product. TonyMoly product that I’ve attempted. 16 plus shipping. I am aware CC Cream isn’t likely to cover but I assume I was just looking for further. Didn’t find up during the weekend like I decided. I visited Shakey’s today and the pizza is decent. I must say I liked the Mojo Potatoes though.

A little bit of too salty but zilch that drinking water can’t fix. Can’t imagine it’ll be 2014 in a few days! This 12 months went by so fast! So that’s it for this post! I’ll hopefully be back on the right track soon! Hope this post was helpful and have a great new calendar year! Disclosure Statement: All products mentioned were purchased with my very own money. I am not sponsored by the ongoing companies mentioned previously and had not been paid out because of this post. All opinions are my own. 4% of proceeds going towards Hep B Project.

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