University Of Texas System

The Office of External Relations is rolling out style guidelines to ensure uniformity for official magazines. In general, the use of the Associated Press Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style is recommended. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is recommended also. Note: The UT System Board of Regents office uses a separate style for official Board documents as noted in these guidelines below and in the Board of Regents Meetings Style Guide found within this web site. Use “The University of Texas System” on first research and “the UT System” on second reference. Additionally it is correct to refer to “the machine” on second research, as long as the meaning is clear.

It is also appropriate to use the term System Administration when referring to the precise administrative offices of the machine in Austin. Board Office: Periods and a space between “U” and “T” are required on plan items or recognized documents submitted to the Board. Abbreviations of levels, time expressions, and countries’ titles take periods without space between the elements: M.F.A., p.m., U.K., U.S. Use periods but no space for names, Example: J.B. Plural types of acronyms get an “s” no apostrophe: She purchased two BLTs with avocado. Capitalize if referring to a specific section or other academic device by its full proper name. Examples: the Department of History, the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Nursing.

Otherwise, lower case: the annals department, the faculty, the nursing school. Capitalize game titles only once preceding a true name; otherwise, lower case. Before a name, give a person only 1 title: Usually do not use phrases such as Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of English Joe Smart. Usually do not use German academic style, Dr. Prof. Smartz.

Very long titles are more readable when positioned after a name: Joe Smart, dean of the faculty of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business. Acronyms that aren’t well known should be spelled from the first reference. Always capitalize the A and me when discussing Board of Regents Agenda Items.

This word structure is taken directly from its Latin roots. Alumni – a combined group of men or several men and women. It’s rare to see the feminine plural form, “alumnae.” Frequently the proper execution “alumni” is used for any band of graduates. Use without “the.” Example: Bauer House is the official home of the Chancellor.

I’ll meet you at Bauer House at noon. Use “between” showing a relationship between two objects only. Use “among” when it’s more than two. Twice a yr Biannual is. Biennial is every two years. The UT System Board of Regents is preferred. Stay away from UT Board of Regents. Lowercase “panel” and “regents” only if used individually.

She is a regent. Capitalize Chancellor when utilized without a name, but use lower case for titles used without brands in any other case. Board Office: U. T. System Board of Regents. Capitalize all sources to “Board” or “Regent.” (She actually is a Regent. All game titles are capitalized. See the UT System Board of Regents website for right names and titles for the Regents. Note: In some documents, “Board” or “Regent” will be capitalized even when they standalone. For example, within a recognized program for a ceremonial event like a Santa Rita Award dinner, capitalize the words “Board” and “Regent” when they standalone. But do not capitalize them in an information release or less formal documents.

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Only “Regulations” are italicized in Regents’ Rules and Regulations. Regents’ Rules is appropriate on the next reference. Utilize the following examples: Dear Chairman Jones, Vice Chairman Johnson, or Regent Smith. Campus is not considered a precise explanation of the 15 UT establishments because some institutions have more than one “campus.” For instance, UT Austin has the primary campus and the J. J. Pickle Research Campus. Please, use “institution” instead of “campus.” Also, please be aware: using “component(s)” is no more acceptable.

Official titles are capitalized; unofficial, informal, shortened or universal brands are not. Avoid using ALL CAPS in a text message or headlines as this implies shouting. Phrases such as the center, the institute, or the new museum aren’t capitalized. Office of Registrar and Admissions, the registrar’s office, the registrar. College of Business, the business college, the college. UT Austin Library, the library. Capitalize official titles of bulletins, forms, conventions, meetings, classes, etc. Dr. Johnson will train Advanced Environmental Geology next semester.

= $ =p> He shall. Capitalize when discussing the building. Using “Capitol building” is redundant. The committee fulfilled in the Capitol to discuss capital expenses. The Capitol is within Austin, which is the administrative center city of Texas. Lowercase when used in combination with lots: 20th century, 21st century. Stay away from superscript characters. The Board of Regents’ style is by using the word chairman in every reference to plank positions, for female members even. Board Office: Capitalize all references. Do not use a comma prior to the “and” or other conjunctions in a string.