WAYS TO GET A Grant To Start My Own Business

Foundations and federal government grants for minorities starting a small business to provide a wealth of options for business owners. Most people believe grants are too difficult to acquire, but the truth is, you will know if you could obtain one if you don’t try never. Isn’t it worth the effort? Because of the existing emphasis on rousing the overall economy and green energy, there are more grant opportunities than ever before even. From grants for ladies to grants for writing, there will be something just for you.

A treasure trove of information on the many grants available emerges on this site, along with links to other valuable resources for business start ups, loan programs, and much more. Browse the US authorities-business website. Their free online tool helps you determine your eligibility for various assistance programs.

To uncover what government grants can be purchased in your state, you can locate your state’s public state government web site at this link. The United States Department of Business operates the Minority Business Development Agency. That is your key starting place for researching the available authorities grants for minorities who would like to start a business. While they don’t provide direct grants or loans, they are doing offer free information, resources, and assistance for minority business development. “There is a specific test for social and/or financial disadvantage. The first is assumed to be disadvantaged by virtue of his/her cultural or racial make-up. Further, under 15 U.S.C.

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