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He/She will likely come back with: What’s a Challenge Pack? Shakeology on Home Direct. You can cancel later or delay future shipments if you want…no questions asked. The “challenge pack” price depends upon what program you choose.Thanks for your interest! I need this too and am PUMPED to start!

  • M to 3pm : Banish the Bad Mood Mama Mini Retreat at Crystal Basin
  • 6 months ago from Pittsburgh, PA
  • You can expect in which to stay the hospital for just two to three days
  • Feelings of guilt, and helplessness in lifeLoss of interest or pleasure in work

What do you consider will help you best? Do you feel you need a fitness/nutrition KICK or simply a little guidance once in awhile? If you’re still thinking, for a day or two let me know ASAP and I’ll hold your place! Personally follow-up and let them know you’re just checking back in to see if they want one of the spots you have gone. Don’t leave the message without asking another question that is more on a social/personal note. Something similar to, How was your summer vacation be? 1. An accountability group you started on Facebook. All accountability organizations must have a start day and end day and an utmost quantity who are able to sign up for.

You can’t make yourself open to EVERYONE, ALL THE right time, EVERY SINGLE DAY, UNTIL THE last end OF TIME, FOR FREE if one to run an effective business. 2. Your weekly tips via email. 3. Your tips and motivation on your profile page or your business LIKE web page. 4. Keep in touch and help them get what THEY want of the sale regardless. 5. If they already claim to have everything plus they seem like a good fit for coaching, then ask if they’ve ever considered becoming a trainer! REMEMBER: Keep it simple! The task individuals will be viewing and questioning if THEY could do that!

Again, there are no solid guidelines here. 1. Create the group, name it, and make it a CLOSED group. When you create your group you will need to include at least one member. I typically don’t like adding EVERYONE to the group until it is experienced by me all set up. So typically what I really do is add another coach from my team. Obviously, if you’re co-hosting the group with another coach you’ll want to add them. 🙂 If the beginning date for the challenge is a Monday, I love to have the group setup by at least the Wednesday or Thursday before.

I typically only do that when I have a LARGE group…like over 15-20 people or so. Otherwise things get too cluttered and complicated and people don’t know where to check-in. You also want to ensure in the settings that you (and some other admins) will be the only people who can truly add and/or approve new members to the group. In the FILES section I put instructions about how to take before photos and measurements, and I also post my “House Rules and Daily Commitments” which everyone must consent to before our start time. 3. Make your “welcome” post set up and delete/conceal any non-relevant articles like “Amanda just updated the group header” and things like that.

You want to group to be clean and welcoming when everyone comes in! I usually select a fun picture that is exclusive to each challenge or the time of 12 months for the pleasant post. 4. Once everything is ready to go, you could start adding people to the mixed group. I love to send each individual a quick message to let them know I added them and I’ll also send them the direct link to the group.