Deborah Lupton, Centenary Research Professor at the University of Canberra, has conducted four studies into people who track their activity, both on and on pen and paper digitally. According to her, the people who were consistently using their trackers were the ones who found the buzzing on their wrists helpful, than irritating rather. “People who were actively using Fitbits and had incorporated them to their daily routines… really did enjoy things such as badges and the buzzes and the flashing lights,” Lupton says. Individuals who committed most with their fitness wearable were the ultra-competitive, or people who refused to be beaten by an arbitrary number on a tiny screen.

How could it be that I could completely get in the zone and re-teach myself how to eat and exercise to lose weight, but I cannot seem to visit too long without lighting an awful cigarette. I’ve been completely addicted to over-eating too. I must say that reducing your weight is a lot easier than quitting the smokes.

A doctor once explained to give up smoking first, be concerned about the weight then. The precise opposite of what I’ve been doing. It was the exact reverse of what I thought he’d say. I used to be sure he would say lose the weight now, quit smoking as you can soon. That’s pretty scary when a doctor feels it’s safer to be nearly 300 pounds overweight than to smoke. I haven’t addressed this topic out of shame. Although many people who read this and know me know I smoke cigarettes. And though reducing your weight and quitting smoking are two different things even, I have sensed like a hypocrite still.

I’ve alluded to the smoking before, but I’ve never come right out and accepted or discussed it. I’ve discussed “other habits” that I need to work on. But this blog isn’t about hidden text messages and dirty little secrets. It’s about being honest with myself and the reader everyday.

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It’s about being 100% responsible. That is why it’s doing wonders. But how can I continue to discuss making good choices while I make a bad one each time I light up? Well, up until this blog has been all about losing weight now. I could and do make good options along those lines everyday. But from here on out, I plan on also working to drastically lessen my smoking and finally quit completely. If I can figure out how to apply the same determined principals I’ve applied to losing weight days gone by 96 days, then I should be able to do it with no problems.

This blog continues to be all about reducing your weight, and getting in shape, but sometimes I’ll write a paragraph or two about my progress in quitting tobacco. You would think it would be easier to quit smoking than lose weight. After all, really, I love food, but I hate tobacco really.

“Mr Good Choices” smokes. Completely stupid, I know. I quit espresso! Why wasn’t a problem? Oh, yeah, because I get my caffeine from other sources. I could opt for the areas or gum, but an integral part of me to say to “man up” and lay down ’em down. The same attitude that maintains me from buying “magic pills” to lose excess weight, will keep me from buying patches and nicotine gum. Day and never returned, I know several people that have just laid them down one. They did it with 100% strength.

They made a decision, an iron-clad guarantee to themselves to give up smoking. So I will start immediately incorporating my philosophies and attitude toward slimming down into my initiatives to remove smoking all together. I can do it. It’s only a decision right? Today The company breakfast time really was good.