Commercial PROPERTY 101

There is something called a “deemed disposition” where you don’t actually sell the property but it halts being your principle home. Take for example, you resided in a condominium as your first home and when you go to upsize to an individual family house down the road, you decide to keep the condominium and lease it such as investment property.

When you re-locate of the condo, you have deemed disposition of the condo. You’ve essentially sold it at market value and got it at the same price back. Your principle residence exemption stops on your condominium after the deemed disposition and today it pertains to your new single house. This concept can get confusing sometimes.

The contribution margin is the dollar amount of each unit of result that is available first to protect set costs and then to contribute to profit. How will you calculate the next sales price of 110 set cost 385500 expect to sell 11000 devices next 12 months with operating income of 125550 Need adjustable cost per device and contribution margin proportion?

Contribution margin is that contribution which any offering unit contribute towards recovery of set cost after recovering the variable cost to produce it. It is important becauase if unit not contribute enough then company will not be able to recover it’s set cost in long haul and in the end incur losses. What is a Unit Investment Trust or UIT?

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What is direct contribution margin? Contribution Margin is found by subtracting sales by variable costs. It is what left once you subtract these. Lets say your sales are 10 dollars a unit and your variable cost is 7 dollars per device. 3 dollars. it can be positive or negative in the event you’d be shedding money. Contribution Margins are accustomed to make short-term business decisions where your fixed costs remain constant. What is the entire form of UIT mutual fund?

How do you estimate break even point if the variable cost is not given? What were tv moments that were almost fatal? What’s the difference between a brand and copyright? What exactly are the most haunted places in the world? Do the Russians have all my photos and data now that I’ve downloaded FaceApp? What were Rutger Hauer’s most remarkable movie roles? What are the largest earthquakes to hit america ever? How is the Nintendo Switch Lite different from the initial Switch? What were among the better gadgets from the James Bond movie franchise?

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