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On July 3 LivingAfterWLS published the all-new 5-Day Pouch Test Owner’s Manual 2nd Edition by Kaye Bailey and retired the highly successful first model that was originally released in 2008 and in the fourth printing. At right, Kaye receives cartons keeping the new 5DPT books. With the publication of the 2nd Edition Kaye has responded to many questions from the press and consumers about the new publication. I have gathered her replies and share a few of the most asked questions and answers here.

Did the essential 5DPT plan change when you wrote the new book? No. After five years the 5DPT ever is more solid than. Thousands of people around the global world have enjoyed terrific success with the plan. I noticed the subtitle has changed: What is the thinking behind that? I did change the subtitle for the second model.

It is a matter of following deliberate food plan and exercising the WLS habits and rules that are which can help us lose weight and keep it all off. It really isn’t 5 easy times; it is five concentrated days. If the program hasn’t changed, what’s new in the written reserve, I view it is 180 web pages and the initial reserve was only 100 pages.

Well, obviously with a reserve that is on the net since 2008, we have received a complete great deal of responses from our visitors and we listened. I am so proud of our LivingAfterWLS readers because regularly they have asked for more information, more knowledge, more inspiration. They seem to have an endless curiosity for self-improvement and health management. The initial book was written to be always a quick read with loads of inspiration and it served this purpose well.

  • Stomach pain
  • Boone Hospital/BJC
  • 2009 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure – 2nd Place
  • 110-120kg = 8500kJ [2000cal]
  • Calculate your fats

For the second model I reorganized the presentation of information. For example, Chapter 3 is an instant overview of the entire 5DPT with a short overview of the WLS Four Rules and the tenets of successful weight reduction. In Chapters 4 Then, 5, each day is covered in detail and 6.

Chapters for every day include the eating plan for the day, helpful and motivational sub-chapters, a summary of key learning factors, the daily journal, eating dinner out tips, and FAQ’s relating to that day of the program. Chapter 9 is a thorough section about health essentials and nutritional management with weight reduction surgery, this is new from the first model. And there are 16 new proven and tested dishes that work effectively with the 5DPT and past.

The new book also includes new information from the FDA, the US Surgeon General, the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS), and the free-lance bariatric community. That is a quickly changing field which is important for all of us to remain current with the research and medical practice as it evolves. To put it simply – the second edition is packed with detail and inspiration that I believe readers will find it useful in their effort to manage weight problems with surgical involvement of any sort. You developed the 5DPT in 2007: what’s the most crucial thing you have learned since developing it? Oh, my goodness, there’s been a lot!

I am so lucky to study from real people on leading lines of WLS. It is always comforting to learn that other people also need to work at this weight loss and weight maintenance like I do – even with this “easy-breezy” surgery! After all, here I am more than 12 years post-op and I’m still racking your brains on the best way to control my weight and secretly hoping to stumble on some easy trick to keep my weight under control. I am so astonished and awed at the resilience of others often, the power people have to rise over and over in the face of great challenge.