Partner Died 2-3 WEEKS Ago. EXECUTE A Attorney Is Necessary By Me?

Partner Died 2-3 WEEKS Ago. EXECUTE A Attorney Is Necessary By Me? 1

My partner of 7.5 years died unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. I’m going to keep this to just the details therefore I can get through this. We are in California. We weren’t married. He does not have any young children, parents are deceased, young sister is legal next of kin (has three children). No will, living trust, etc. as as I know significantly.

He apparently informed a friend this past year he previously one, but I believe that was to avoid getting into a conversation about how exactly he will need one. We have no joint accounts. We bought a residence last year, which I am not on the mortgage due to attempting to clean up my bad credit score from once I was with my ex-lover. We were heading to refinance next calendar year after a few things slipped off.

He was terrible about setting up beneficiaries on accounts. Only his most recent bank account had me shown. 80K). Not worried about either of these really. 5k. His former mate says he doesn’t want/need it and will give to me. I AM the beneficiary on some stock through his work and life insurance, which are the bulk of anything due to anyone. Apart from investment accounts and the house, he has a car and a motorcycle (both paid for), and everything that one can put in a homely house and storage unit. What do I about need to worry, make sure I do? Do I need a family attorney to protect myself and the life we were building together? Can I do that without pissing off his family?

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