NY SBDC Research Network: 05/01/2019

NY SBDC Research Network: 05/01/2019 1

Being a little business owner can be rewarding in lots of ways but can be irritating as well. You know the saying, “EASILY only knew then what I understand now? Leadership is important in your business, whether you have 1 employee or over 50 employees. Hopefully, these tips can help you on how to be a good leader for your business if you are not already. All of these tips can’t be achieved just once, you need to apply them or weekly or monthly daily.

Repetition of each task will get you in a regimen and make your business run smoother. This actually sounds pretty absurd because you should know how to do the majority of aspects in your business. Which means that you need to concentrate on your own future plan and exactly how your business is going to move forward and grow. You are the mastermind of starting your business.

You can’t stop considering and growing just because you are now open. Sometimes it is a lot easier to concentrate on the day-to-day procedures of your business because I am certain you know it best, but you are not helping your business this way. What did you hire staff for if you are just going to let them sit on their backsides and play games on their phones all day. You will need to work on your five and ten-year programs and what steps you must do to get there.

By working your business and not in it, your business will eventually have the ability to run itself. As an owner, you need to be able to take a vacation or if you want to leave for a crisis without having to worry about whether the business will run itself or fall apart without you. You should be in a position to leave at any given time as well as your business should sail smooth. It is very gratifying as an owner never to worry about your business if you are not around.

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It means you have done your job and have led your employees to be efficient and 3rd party thinkers. Now that you know what your own future goals are going to be for your business, don’t overlook the real business. I know I said don’t concentrate on your day to day functions, but it is important to discover how each department in your business is doing.

Check on the inventory and evaluate your business frequently. Work this into your short-term goals. Don’t let the business slide out from under your fingertips because you were looking at your long-term goals. At the same though, don’t micromanage every little detail. Practice your plan and make it happen.

Wow, this is an important tip! Find someone you trust, is patient and that has success in an identical business as yours. You need to be able to bounce off ideas or call them with questions. I’m pleased my mentor was patient. There would be occasions when I would call my mentor five or even more times a day and even whatsoever hours of the night time.

I wouldn’t go this far easily was you, but I needed a great relationship with mine. After getting scolded for waking her up, she was more than helpful. The secret to finding a good coach is finding one that wants one to succeed. This makes all the difference in the world.