10 Design Tips For Creating Great Visual Posts On Social Media

It’s no secret that visual content is key to engagement on social media, no matter what platform you’re posting on. Based on the research we did final for analyzing almost 5,000 user profiles, sharing photographs is one of the best method to get retweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook—and to combat organic attain decline. But what when you don’t have a huge library of photographs to select from?

Not a problem. Visuals on social media can come in numerous varieties other than photos—infographics, quotes, publish designs—and still be just as successful. What matters is that you simply provide some form of eye sweet to go along with your message. If you happen to don’t have a graphic designer on employees to lend a hand, don’t worry; we’ve put collectively 10 easy ideas for making eye-catching visual posts that anybody can handle.

Special Offer: Save 50% on a brand new Pagemodo package deal with the code PAGEMODOBLOG50 at checkout! For example today’s design tips, I’m going to make use of the graphics from the Webs Mother’s Day marketing campaign! In honor of the vacation, a bunch of us collectively obtained (recall that Pagemodo is a part of the Web’s) and said what we’d prefer to thank our moms for. We turned these ‘thank yous’ into social media graphics using Pagemodo Post Designer and shared them all weekend on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This can be a handy trick for when you want to make use of an image in the background, but you still need to ensure the text over the image is well readable.

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  4. Let Your Writing Shine with Typology

In Photoshop, you can do this by adding a layer on top of the picture, filling it with a stable color, after which turning down the opacity till it appears proper. Vector icons are an amazing technique to visually reinforce one of many phrases in your textual content. They’ll add poignancy or humor, relying on the message, growing the emotional impression that leads to engagement on social media.

Note: the primary message below is mine—hi mother! Sometimes a literal image is a good choice, but a summary one that nonetheless displays your message can create an enjoyable impact too. Attempt to discover a background picture that matches your message without translating it instantly. One common pattern in graphic design is to manipulate typography in order that all the traces are the same size, forming a stable form. This can be tricky when you don’t have the correct quantity and length of words, but you possibly can nonetheless obtain the look by filling the additional spaces with different shapes or dividers to make the block work all the same.

On our personal social media networks, we’ve seen that puns and nerd humor get nice engagement. Even if it’s just a simple nod to a niche subject, a pun can actually assist your audience relate to your image. When you’re employed with software that permits for layers to be brought ahead or pushed back, it may be fun to layer textual content on high of different shapes and banners. You can rotate the letters to suit the form perfectly, making a neat effect.

Alternatively, you may make your textual content interact with a background picture by arranging it to suit round objects in the photograph, as a substitute of writing over top of them. 7. Have enjoyable with fonts! I really like fonts…maybe even just a little too much. So one in all my favorite things to do when making a design is to find methods to combine a number of fonts collectively. The trick is to make sure you’re making a cohesive look, not something that appears too busy.

A fundamental rule of thumb to start out with when combining fonts is to decide on one very plain font (like a sans-serif) with one decorative font. If the software you’re using has desirable shapes, attempt creating a big shape that you would be able to fit your textual content inside of. This can help set it off from the background and create visual curiosity.