How to harden off houseplant seeds

How to harden off houseplant seeds 1

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The first step to successful gardening is hardening off your plants. This can take at most one week for most plants and sometimes up to two weeks. It can be difficult, but it is worth the wait. For most plants, the safest time to plant outside is about a week before the last frost. You can start hardening off your plants by withholding fertilizer from them and watering them less. You can also start by planting seedlings in a protected spot, away from wind and cold.

After planting the seedlings Going In this article your garden, allow them to dry out outdoors for a few hours. The longer you leave them outside, the more likely they are to survive the cold weather. You should be aware of any signs of dampening. Wilting can be caused by overwatering and too much space. It may be time for your seedlings’ leaves to start to wilt. They won’t survive in the cold if the soil becomes too dry.

After you have transplanted the seedlings, let them spend a few days outdoors. If they become too hot or too cold, you can place them Going In this article a sunny window. You can keep them outside longer each day. Regularly check for signs that they are dampening. This could be due to overwatering, or overcrowding. The soil may have become too dry, and your seedlings might be suffering from wilting.

How to harden off houseplant seeds 2

The seeds you planted from seed will take about 6 to 8 weeks to germinate. After sowing the seedlings you will need to allow them to dry out before moving them into your garden. This can be slow but worth it in the end. After the plants have grown for several weeks, they should be ready for transplant. Once the seeds have been planted, they should be transplanted into the soil as soon afterward.

Before planting your seeds, leave them outside a couple of days to grow. You should leave your seeds outside for at least a few days, in a sunny area. Additionally, you should check for damping. This is usually caused by too much water, too much crowding. Seedlings with young, tender leaves are more prone to wilting so they need watering. If this is the case, water the plants every day, and keep them outside for a few days.

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