My Double Jaw Surgery Recovery & Experience

My Double Jaw Surgery Recovery & Experience 1

June 27th, 2016 I underwent dual jaw surgery. I am 6 weeks post-op now, so I thought it was time to talk about my story to you all since it might help someone going right through what I experienced. Up until I was 19 years old, I have always struggled with feeling confident in my own smile because unlike all of my other friends, I had formed the crooked, uneven tooth.

It definitely affected my self-esteem – the appearance of my tooth made me shut down from certain people. I had been afraid individuals were judging me based from my tooth. It wasn’t until I began working, that I could afford brackets. Having brackets really did improve my self-confidence – I used to be no more self-conscious about smiling with my teeth or laughing. Day One, my orthodontist explained braces alone would not fully correct my tooth – he explained to me that I had an open up and under bite, which would require surgery to repair my bite problem.

He told me that if I do not get surgery I possibly could experience grinding, which could result in even more damage. I already knew I had fashioned a bite problem, but I put no idea I’d need jaw surgery since this might be my 3rd major surgery especially. After doing some heavy research, I went with having surgery ahead.

As you can view, my front side tooth does not touch jointly, which is why I’ve that open space in-between. When the cosmetic surgeon was fulfilled by me, he told me that to be able to correct my jaw, he would need to go both my lower and top jaw. My lower jaw would back need to be moved, while my top jaw would need to be shifted forwards.

On top of this, he said he would have to straighten my jaw so that my teeth were centered to my face. I do show mildly visual photos – audience discretion is advised! My last photo with an open and under-bite! Apparently this was taken occasions before I started falling asleep from the anesthesia. You can notice my underbite in this picture really.

The doctor said the surgery was successful! After surgery, I didn’t experience much pain. If anything, it was just distress because my face experienced numb and I couldn’t speak. I finished up remaining overnight in a healthcare facility for 1-day – it was the longest 24 hrs ever! My stay in the hospital had not been pleasurable – not because of the nurses and doctors (these were amazing!), but because of just how I was sense.

I threw up blood twice and felt nauseous the whole time. When I looked at my face for the first time, the first thing I noticed was how different my nose looked. It appeared more and shorter upturned. Apparently, upper jaw surgery causes the nose to widen and look shorter.

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Also my mouth area was wired shut with IMF screws, which intended I couldn’t open my mouth whatsoever. The doctor said I’d be wired shut for 4 weeks, and then rubber banded for 2 weeks. I thought I arrived home once, everything would be ok. Not the entire case – if anything it got worse. I started experiencing the throbbing pain in my own jaw that couldn’t be stopped unless I took oxycodone.

My nose was so stuffed up, I could breathe barely. Sleeping was near impossible, I was never comfortable. Being on the liquid diet meant that I had to drink everything through a syringe due to my mouth being wired shut, which was annoying. It had been so hard viewing my sister and father eating the most delicious food, when all I had fashioned was a protein drink.

On day 4, was my maximum of bloating. It varies for everyone, day three, or four 4 but usually around, that’s when you will have the most swelling. My lip area was so big, they actually protected my entire chin! This can be a good or bad thing Now. Sometimes it was a bad thing because I started having mental poison concerning this surgery. Week 2, I went into a depressive condition around, which I heard is normal. I must say I began to hate my new nasal area because I sensed it didn’t suit me – I treasured my original nose because it was a mix of my mother and dad’s.